marzo 5, 2021

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Ron Desantis on Rush Limbaugh: Governor orders half staff to fly flags in honor of controversial radio presenter

“Once the intervention date for Rush is announced, we are going to cut the flags in half,” Gov. Ron Desantis told a news conference in West Palm Beach on Friday.

The governor said respectfully “what do we do when there are things of this size”.

This action does not apply State Flag Protocol, Which is the death of a current or former officer of the Florida State Government or a member of the Florida Armed Forces who dies while in active service, flags must be flown to half the staff. “

Limbaugh, a Palm Beach resident who died Wednesday at the age of 70, said, “A complete legend, he was my friend and a great man.”

Delegate Debbie Wassmann Schultz (D-Florida) called the governor’s decision “an embarrassment for Florida.”

“Rush Limbaugh is armed to spread racism, bigotry and homosexuality across the country,” he said in a tweet. “His continued hate speech has caused untold damage to our political landscape.”

Florida Senate Democrat President Gary Palmer Issued a statement The flag order of Desantis on Friday was “a discriminatory political tool to pay homage to a person who did not serve any interests other than his own, doing everything he could to deeply divide a country in politically erroneous ways.

“I uncertainly condemn the governor’s decision. Any action to lower our flag in order to incite hatred and to incite prejudice against marginalized groups, people of color, women and anyone who does not look like him. Make the same mistake as him, should be recovered,” the farmer said.

Announcement in the event of a non-mask

Desantice’s announcement about limping Limbaugh was not the only reason his news conference sparked controversy.

Palm Beach County Authorities are now investigating The Hilton Palm Beach Airport Hotel John Jamson, deputy director of public affairs for Palm Beach County, told CNN in a statement after receiving information that many of the more than 100 people who attended the indoor event there were not wearing masks.
Mask order aimed at slowing down Distribution of Govit-19 Effective in the county until March 19th. Anyone who receives any goods or services must wear face masks, or visit or work in any other business or organization.

“We have spoken with the Hilton management and they and the event organizers will abide by our normal compliance procedures,” Jamson said.

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An Hilton Palm Beach Airport spokesman told CNN in part, “We have been informed about a video showing a group of people being close to each other and not wearing masks. They are obviously disappointed with our masking rules, which are mainly displayed throughout the hotel. Failed. As we move forward, we will continue to monitor and implement these guidelines as long as they exist. “

The Palm Beach Code Enforcement and Compliance Committee The incident is being investigated and the hotel will decide whether to impose fines or penalties, Jamson said.